Software Testing: 5 Terrible Mistakes that can Lead your software to Fail

Software Testing: 5 Terrible Mistakes that can Lead your software to Fail

A blunder would not be an exaggeration when a brand or organization suffers exorbitant losses due to seemingly small but catastrophic software omission or error. Despite the exclusive growth of technology that has been supporting the brands, some little errors and events have recorded an extremely adverse impact on the brand’s reputation. 

In order to achieve more and more automation testing, the QA teams or the software testing company usually commit errors that charge them more than their efforts and resources. This would also demotivate your teams and might build resistance towards such activities. Although, QA is the core of business growth as stated in the World Quality Report and it is also required to tighten their seat belts for a journey that aims for success. Every software testing company like we do at Terkwaz must pay extreme emphasis on the quality of the product and this article highlights the phenomenal mistakes or blunders that take place in testing services.

1) Failure to Pursue Regression Testing

No excuse or justification could find a valid reason for not having a regression test before the launch of the product. With ample tools available in the market, software development services can implement this procedure even for no additional costs. It’s worth validating and evaluating all the functionalities of the software before proceeding to the final launch. Just imagine the impact on your reputation, when your stakeholders find out that your latest software has broken down without any back or bug fix, which could mitigate the pounding losses.

Despite these major threats, the number of software launches without comprehensive or with minimal regression testing is way more than those that follow the complete process. The software development company making costly software must not take this risk as it’s playing at a shark without a lifejacket. You would never know when your life surpasses the minutes you were saving.

2) A Staggered Beginning

It might seem convenient to take a direct approach and list down the things for automation and further proceed with the lookout for tools to get the task started, however, its phrase that “haste makes waste” and that is so true when software testing service is something that needs to be strategic and organized.

Experts state that testing teams often forget to discuss and comprehend the reasons for making any process automated. Every software testing company must begin with the idea of underlining the risks that are meant to be mitigated with the test. Also, they need to determine the scope of automation in the mitigation process of risks. 

In order to smoothen the rough start, the teams need to discuss the objectives and client expectations considering each automation process and further evaluate that all the major aspects of automation will have a positive impact on the speed and quality of the system and its processes.

3) You Missed to Document The Defects

Now, that’s though unfortunate but it’s actually one of the silliest mistakes of them all. Now, in case the software testing service team has identified a major bug, although they have either made the documentation inadequate or it does not suffice the purpose. Now what happens in such a case is, the bug review has completely defaulted and none of the team members can determine it and further replicate it for resolution. The software development service team rather denies it and the team takes another move. However, what you can do to avoid such a mess is to create proper documentation including,

  1. A summary to comprehend the bug.
  2. Assessment of the environment that had the bug.
  3. Underlining the steps required to recreate the bug.
  4. Proof of bug’s activity through a screenshot or video.
  5. Aligning logs in order to support the software development service to mitigate the core cause of the bug.

4) Inadequate and Less Qualitative Tools

When it comes to inadequate or under-quality tools, it’s usually relevant to the functionalities deployed in the tool or skills among the people using those tools. Every software testing company must use the tools or have team members that use the tools to their optimum utility. The tool designing companies create the tools considering the skills required to be found in people using the tools.  Here is what your testers team should look like,

The 3 profiles of the testers include,

  1. The developer testers are the professionals, who plan to work around the desired coding medium for the test writing.
  2. The team of technical testers, who are also automation experts and require advanced tools that can be applied in modeling and uses minimal coding skills.
  3. Last but not least are the Business testers, who are non-technical individuals related to acceptance and utility testing among other activities. These professionals apply natural language for test writing. 

Now, you need to buy the tool as per each professional’s requirements and skills. You cannot ask a business tester to use a tool determined for a developer or technical tester, that would be bound to have bizarre results. 

5) Software Development Company Pursues Testing Without Laid Out Requirements

The overall completion of the automation testing requires a strategy and when you don’t have one, you aim at failing. Your plan would define the steps and should also determine what types of tests are required to be performed. While comprehending the scope and requirements of the test, a software testing service would focus on priorities in order to have desired results. Whenever testers tend to avoid assessment of project requirements, they take a careless approach to make the mistakes profound enough to invite a disaster.

In order to prevent such errors and mistakes, testers must seek project goals, requirements and further create strategies to achieve desired results. More the information, they get, the better the quality and lesser chances of making the progress of software get derailed.

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