Web development would never remain the same as it was in 2010 or even the previous year.

Despite the building blocks holding intact, developers keep churning their brains to bring something new and innovative to the table.

The evolution of the web development from websites to web & mobile apps development is revolutionary – all because of the open-ended nature of web development technologies. As a result, we today have hundreds and thousands of powerful developed applications.

The developers are further digging into unconventional approaches to both refine and speed up the Web APP development process. No doubt, this year is power-packed with some exciting web application development trends to follow. Let’s explore the most promising ones with Terkwaz Business Solutions.

●       PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

2020 strictly belongs to the mobile-first age. That means the trend is to create & build mobile-first web apps that provide users with native app functionality. 

From push notifications to the home screen and offline access, PWAs resemble their mobile versions. Hence, in the era where 90% of mobile uptime owes to mobile applications, PWAs will bring increased conversions in less time and at low-cost.

●       Accelerated Mobile Pages (AWPs)

The first thing that mobile users prefer while using web apps is its fast and smooth loading. They usually wait not more than 3 seconds for a site to open, but AWPs don’t make them wait more than 2 seconds. Twitter and Google recently developed an open-source plugin to convert your web pages into AWPs.

So, 2021 will welcome more optimized pages with simplified yet convenient, and mobile-friendly design. As the internet gets more user-oriented, AWPs are seeking significant attention from most of the businesses.

●       Single-page Applications

Single-page apps are the next step to bridging the gap between the mobile web and the native mobile apps. The JavaScript and AJAX revolution led to web pages that don’t ask users to download one more webpage from the server if they click every other button on the website.

Page reloads are frustrating, and SPAs reduce the number by dynamically refreshing the page content throughout the user’s stay on your website. Apps like Gmail are the trendsetters for new-gen web apps. So, if you’re a technology company, SPAs must be the first thing you should get into in 2021.

●       Voice Search Optimization

Voice-driven searches are already ruling over the web, and 2021 will primarily be equipped with smart and IoT devices executing voice commands. The time taken to process user requests and answering them is negligible, therefore, making voice search shape the future of web apps.

A high impact change in the era of voice search owes to Natural Language Processing (NLP), which allows users to interact with web apps in their natural language. Even 53% of smart speaker owners admit feeling natural (like talking to their friend!) when they talk with these devices.

●       Motion UI

Web users are more responsive to content that is informational and engaging at the same time. That means aesthetics are as important as user experience on a website. Motion UI has been in trend since 2018, but the availability of UI libraries has spiked the accessibility and implementation.

It’s now easier for people to know how web & mobile applications work as developers embed a series of movement and transition elements to present their software product features. Hence, no doubt, 2021 will instill more expectations in the users’ mind for motion-packed web apps.

●       Mobile-first and Responsive Designs

Mobile-first development will never go out-of-trend. Moreover, increased mobile searches are to be experienced in the upcoming years. People will use a more sophisticated small screen than personal computers. That being said, 2021 has an incredible scope for mobile-first development.

When you talk about mobile-optimized sites, responsive design is first to cross your minds. It automatically alters the rendering on your website according to the screens. 2021 will definitely adopt no more stand-alone management and work with universal codes to perform well on all devices.

If you, too, are ready to embrace the web app development trends this 2021, then select Terkwaz Business Solutions as your software solution development partner. Our software development services are not limited to developing code. We provide web, mobile, and software solutions that eliminate your business problems.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project. 

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