Data Analytics 2020 Summary

January 22, 2021
data analysis

It’s conspicuous that interpretation and organization of data is a major goal attain by using various data analytics tools. Many major decisions are based on the data gathered by the data analysis done by these tools. They make data present in a better and understanding way.

Now, different data analytics tools and their use has become a common practice among most of the big and small business organizations. As it’s well known that if you want to improve the functionality of something then you have to analyze or measure that thing.

In this report you will gain insight into:

  • Data Analytics Tools — Tableau, Power BI, QlikView
  • Tableau – Pros & Cons
  • Power BI – Pros & Cons
  • QlikView – Pros & Cons
  • Comparison of Tableau, Power BI and QlikView
    • Basic & Advanced versions
    • Advanced interpretations
    • Data integrations
    • Speed & Storage
    • Data capturing
    • Ease of learning
    • Pricing
  • OLAP

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