Case Studies

Case Studies

Terkwaz Business Solutions helped numerous businesses developing their online website & mobile applications in a variety of different domains. 

Software Solutions company - web development
software services for education domain

Hemma Solutions

Website & Mobile App Redesign

Hemma is an outstanding online educational platform in Saudi Arabia, which broadcasts online courses provided by the best lecturers/tutors in multiple fields & helps prepare students for their qualification exams.


Mobile App Design

Blink is an LOS that helps mortgage brokers in the United States to manage mortgage applications. It manages loans from the moment the borrower approaches them as a prospect, until finalizing the closing process.

software solution and easy communication
Software Solutions - Travel domain


Website & Mobile App Redesign

Tourzable is a website that allows registered operators on the system to create packages and activities in which all details like place, duration, price, etc… are added.