Ultimate Loan Origination System

Finance domain

Blink is an LOS that helps mortgage brokers in the United States to manage mortgage applications. It manages loans from the moment the borrower approaches them as a prospect, until finalizing the closing process.

Strategy & business analysis


Time wasted with long loading operations and screen freezes disallows the loan officers to perform with the needed speed.

Increase in the yearly subscription costs ($3M).

Needed specific features to be added as extensions while not making use of other features already in place.

Updating desktop applications each time there is a new version.

Un-Portable desktop application that forces the work to be on one operating system.


10x enhanced performance utilizing latest technologies.

In-house made solution with 1-time Fintech investing project.

All features they need are now written in code, any feature needed can be added without the need for add-ons.

With web applications updates are automatic and the user does not need to do anything manually.

Development with modern web applications technologies to work on any device with a browser allowing more agility and business continuity.

achieve your business goals


Terkwazs’ resources built a new custom-fit loan origination system for CPL in alliance with Meccasoft.

Simplified their operations process and increased transparency.

The new solution by Terkwaz streamlined increased client productivity and satisfaction.

Blink is by far one of the most huge systems we have created. It is fast, reliable, and cost-efficient.

Facts About the Project


1 Year Of Developing / 1 Year Of Following Up

Technology Used

Adobe XD, Figma


Mortgage Brokers

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