A leading online learning platform

Hemma is an outstanding online educational platform in Saudi Arabia, which broadcasts online courses provided by the best lecturers/tutors in multiple fields & helps prepare students for their qualification exams.

Strategy & business analysis


High AWS cloud monthly bill amounts with no real usage or added benefits.

10 human resources were needed to track user’s registrations & inquiries about courses and subscriptions via different channels.

High fault rate reviewing and processing bank transactions.

High bounce rate of the Students’ on the system.

Students had difficulties subscribing to courses.

The use of external third-parties to have the online exams feature.

Limited accepted payment and shipping methods.

No clear user flows or behavior on the website.


Migrated the cloud infrastructure to Digital Ocean and decreased the bill by 70%.

Implemented subscriptions and customer support modules to allow smoother operations.

Advised cheat detection feature by giving the admin the ability to quick view related transactions that allowed better cheat detection and increased the profitability by 10%.

Increased students time on pages by 40% through Implementing multiple gamification strategies which also improved the learning output for students.

Advised analytics tools to understand the customer’s behavior and possible user experience faults to be fixed and enhanced.

Developed a MCQ bank of questions with the ability to create exams and reuse the questions and integrated a math editor working with LTR and RTL.

Integrated to world wide known payments and shipments services to allow accepting online Visa and MasterCard payments and shipping to all GCC countries.

Reverse Engineered the business and the user flows, conducted several usability testing sessions and advised a clearer user flow and processes.

achieve your business goals


Terkwaz built a product that combines all the actions previously done through third-parties providing:

An automation testing framework that automates regression, UI tests and APIs to make sure we always implement new features that do not affect the performance of the product.

Tracking the registered users’ journey all the way from subscribing till finishing any course of their choosing and much more.

Insurance that the website’s performance was not affected by the increased amount of students joining.

After-sales support for another year.

Facts About the Project


1 year of developing / 1 year of following up

Technology Used

Adobe XD, Figma


Educational Platform


20 People / 2:4 Weeks Sprints (12Month)

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