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Tourzable is a website that allows registered operators on the system to create packages and activities in which all details like place, duration, price, etc… are added.

Strategy & business analysis


No use of a version controlling system.

Using shared hosting with limited resources and high costs.

Tasks always lost and forgotten.

Updating desktop applications each time there is a new version.

Lots of functional bugs across the system.

Last-minute system failures before demos.

Deadlines commitment issues and vision ambiguity.

No proper source of truth for business requirements.

Low visitor stay duration to the website pages.

Prioritization and decision-making issues.


Advised Bitbucket repo’s to manage the versions of code immediately.

Migrated the solution to Digital Ocean, and activated mentoring and reporting systems.

Advised Jira as a Project Management tool, configured Jira to Bitbucket to optimize the efficacy, created Product Backlog, and organized priorities.

Created a test plan with all possible test cases and user flows, conducted full functional testing and managed the defects lifecycle.

Created isolated environments for development, production and advised continuous integration using Bitbucket Pipelines and automated the process of deployments.

Enhanced the communications between stakeholders and visualized the progress to business and management.

Advised standardized Business Requirements Documentations and User Stories and maintained them with changes and explored requirements.

Optimized the SEO and conducted several enhancements to reduce the page loading time by 50%.

Applied Agile Kanban with 2 weeks sprints, conducting sprint planning and sprint demos from the Agile ceremonies.

achieve your business goals


We worked our way through the challenges steadily till finally:

We moved the product from a shared hosting system, onto a Virtual Private System (VPS).

Advised standardized Business Requirements Documentations BRDs and User Stories and maintained them with changes and explored other needed requirements.

We had fixed about 1000 issues and managed to have a stable version of the product in hand.

Tourzable now is up & running in a Market Validation phase. Its execution time is less and its performance is better than ever.

Facts About the Project


10 weeks / 2 week Kanban sprints

Technology Used

Laravel, HTML, CSS, JS, MySQL, Docker



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