Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

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Domain Expertise

Terkwaz Business Solutions offered software development solutions to multiple companies in Jordan, KSA, UAE, US, and more. Our software services covered many fields & different domains including: – 

Software for E-commerce
Marketplaces & E-commerce

More than ever, you need to continually invest in your E-Commerce stores to meet the long-term and ever-rising customer expectations to stay ahead of the competitive market with custom E-Commerce software development services.

software services for logistics
Retail & Logistics

From purchasing, marketing, and customer retention to order management and invoice processing, as well as warehouse administration, logistics systems, and dispatching, we keep our client’s processes and requirements firmly taken into account.

Digital marketing services
Media & Entertainment

We employ innovative technologies to build customized media and entertainment software products. This helps you build a strong community around your business that includes ample engagements between your users, and deliver unique customer experiences.

Solve your business issuses
Travel & Tourism

It’s well known that Travel and Tourism strategies have helped global travel agencies grow to a large extent. Our technical travel is an online travel reservation system, which allows travel agents or end-users to check out different plans, booking procedures, and manage all travel procedures efficiently and accurately.

Software for retail and banking
Banking & Mortgage

If your current solution is failing to keep pace with your business needs, then it’s time to enhance productivity with modernized strategies. Mainly, we offer accurate leads regarding revenues and have the ability to integrate credit reports as well as background checks thus ensuring low risks.

Software services for medical
Medical & Healthcare

The use of health information technology has been shown to improve the quality and effectiveness of health care. The software also reduces costs and medical errors, while improving the efficiency of both administrative and clinical processes.

certified team of experts
Education & Publishing

With the growing online presence of different people all around the globe, online learning has increased on a large scale. That’s why more and more people relish for getting an education on mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices.

Software for
Real Estate & Hospitality

It’s obvious that Informatization is a continuously rising trend in the real estate sector, it brought a lot of beneficial changes to the way we perceive and take part in real estate ventures. This ever-growing economy sector has a lot of potentials.

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