Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development

Striving to undertake digital transformation? Corporates are seeking to modernize their core legacy systems, switching to more innovative enterprise software, or make them run alongside while minimizing the odds of such bimodal IT strategy.

Top Enterprise Software Development Company

Terkwaz Business Solutions offers numerous enterprise software development services to many business & corporates. Using top notch software development tools to offer a customized software solutions catered to achieve optimal results according to business needs! 

Enterprise Resource Planning Services

A highly targeted, scalable ERP system, aligned perfectly with your core business processes, will help you unlock value across such functional areas as inventory control, customer service, business process management, finance and so on.

Supply Chain Management Services

Terkwaz Business Solutions builds all-encompassing SCM solutions that enable companies to monitor and manage everything from warehouse capacities to suppliers’ performance to their complex distribution networks and competition.

Case Management Services

Case management supports all user roles, from front-line agent to executive, and offers dynamic dashboards to allow employees to retrieve/analyze data and pass cases through to appropriate departments without undue delays.

Customer Relationship Management Services

We’ll help you automate worldly sales, customer service, marketing, and contact management processes and provide a customizable workspace for your employees to track and manage deals. 

Our Process of Services

Making Sure enterprises use the right application software, which in return shall enhance productivity, and problem solving methodologies for the employees. It requires time & quick interpretation of business needs, to fully understand and develop the needed tools to reduce inefficiencies, achieve better communication, and making sales people lives at ease.





Fast ROI




What Differentiate Us?

With a full understanding of companies needs, work demands & environment, Terkwaz Business Solutions provides Enterprise software development services which meet clients goals.

The latest software solutions to increase organisations productivity and performance. ( CRM systems - systems for billing - supplier relationship management systems - Financial management - E-commerce - Distribution and shipping -Supply chain management - and more).

High-end software enterprise solutions for (System software - Application software).

Goal focused mentality on the development process of the enterprise covering ( Performance - security - cost - storage - robustness - customization - fast ROI - scalability - inter connectivity).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Terkwaz Business Solutions offers their agile enterprise software development service to a myriad of clients which shapes their future landscape of how they use technology. We welcome all your questions if that helps you learn more about why we are the right choice for you. Find your answers below.

It’s the process of creating software solutions that attend to the needs of organizations rather than individuals, this includes companies big and small, schools, governments, etc. Common types of these applications include inventory management, HR management, accounting and billing, content management, and many others.

It depends on a lot of factors: the type of the software solution you need, the individual features, and the types of client applications. Please feel free to contact us, we can give you a rough estimate after a short meeting.

In the old days, companies used to run their applications on servers they buy and set up in a big room inside the company, this is called “on-premise”, this has the drawback of having to buy actual hardware, have dedicated teams to maintain them, set up infrastructure like electricity, cooling, fireproofing. Adding more resources took weeks or months.

Nowadays, companies rent these servers from cloud providers like Amazon and Google, they pay only for what they need (by the minute or even second), this model also allows us to provision new resources within seconds instead of weeks or months

The major benefits of using enterprise software services for growing businesses include automation of routine tasks, improved reliability, flexible usage of resources as per the need, real-time access to actionable insights, reduced operating costs, standardization of processes, and improved regulatory compliance.

If your existing system does not support access to confidential information based on user roles, includes time-consuming manual tasks that invite human errors, exhibits poor performance through crashes and high response time, and is unable to accommodate your ever-increasing data volumes, it is time to migrate from your legacy system to enterprise software.

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