Enterprise Software Development

We Build, Customized & Integrate Business Applications

Enterprise Software Development

Striving to undertake digital transformation? Corporates are seeking to modernize their core legacy systems, switching to more innovative enterprise software, or make them run alongside while minimizing the odds of such bimodal IT strategy.

How Can We Help?

We offer a wide range of Technology Consultating Services

Enterprise Resource Planning

A highly targeted, scalable ERP system, aligned perfectly with your core business processes, will help you unlock value across such functional areas as inventory control, customer service, business process management, finance and so on.

Supply Chain Management

Terkwaz builds all-encompassing SCM solutions that enable companies to monitor and manage everything from warehouse capacities to suppliers’ performance to their complex distribution networks and competition.

Case Management

Case management supports all user roles, from front-line agent to executive, and offers dynamic dashboards to allow employees to retrieve/analyze data and pass cases through to appropriate departments without undue delays.

Customer Relationship Management

We’ll help you automate worldly sales, customer service, marketing, and contact management processes and provide a customizable workspace for your employees to track and manage deals. 

Our Process of Services

Making Sure enterprises use the right application software, which in return shall enhance productivity, and problem solving methodologies for the employees. It requires time & quick interpretation of business needs, to fully understand and develop the needed tools to reduce inefficiencies, achieve better communication, and making sales people lives at ease.





Fast ROI




What Differentiate Us?

With a full understanding of companies needs, work demands & environment, Terkwaz provides Enterprise software development services which meet clients goals.

The latest software solutions to increase organisations productivity and performance. ( CRM systems - systems for billing - supplier relationship management systems - Financial management - E-commerce - Distribution and shipping -Supply chain management - and more).

High-end Software solutions for (System software - Application software).

Goal focused mentality on the development process of the enterprise covering ( Performance - security - cost - storage - robustness - customization - fast ROI - scalability - inter connectivity).

Take A Look At Some Of Our Work

AZTravel’s main vision from day one has been to help craft & curate the best travel plans for travel seekers, or as its name indicated, guide its users from A to Z throughout their journey. How is this application’s experience…
Hemma educational platform
Developing software that provides true value to its users is what we are all about which is why we are proudly introducing the online interface for Balbaid Educational Series. It is a well-known Saudi private learning…

Frequently Asked Questions

Terkwaz offers Technology Consultants work to a myriad of clients which shapes their future landscape of how they use technology. Terkwaz follows the best practices to levitate businesses used technology, Providing: 

Terkwaz has this clear vision & goal to be the best all in one place to offer the software business solutions to different companies, enterprises, and startups.
We analyze everything for you; starting with the cost, creating a strategy for workflow, pointing out team roles, needed services to make your website up & running in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

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