Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Terkwaz Business Solutions has been providing software solution services for a while now, we have come to a full-understanding of what is roaming inside our clients minds, and what they would like to know more about, we hope these FAQs would answer your questions and clear any doubts!

Terkwaz Business Solutions have the power needed to develop any software project and cover every aspect starting from; front-end development, back-end development, server-side architecture, UX/UI designs, Software testing, digital consultation, digital marketing, content creation, mobile app development, and back-office consoles.

Terkwaz Business Solutions can analyze everything for you. We create a strategic workflow, point out team roles, & advise you on the needed software services to have your software up & running in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

After setting the right estimation for your project completion, we communicate to you the regular progress updates this includes mock-up stories, personas creation, competitive analysis, business goals & target-audience. In short, we provide the recommendations according to your business software needs.

Terkwaz business Solutions offers you insights regarding the budget, time frame for every aspect of the product development, the perfect business model creation, and best methods to mitigate risks.

All you need to do contact us, whether through the form down below, email, or phone, Terkwaz Business Solutions will handle it from there. Just make sure you have quite some details outlined about your business software needs, and the vision of your business. This, without doubt, could save a lot of time and make our first meeting super beneficial. And yes, a small brief about your software development project could go a long way.

Each one of them has its pros & cons. It’s known that mobile apps are higher in price but offer extra data collection, and better monetization options than websites. If you are searching for a compromise between the two, a progressive web app could be the one for you. After all, to stand out in the business you will need both of them sooner or later, and it will be our pleasure to provide the software developments required.

Know your goals & the reasons behind your need for a particular software service. It all adds up to the final outcome of your desired software product. Having a crystal clear vision from the start of your developing project is indispensable, this allows us to put everything in the right place. We can also offer you our technology consultation services to guide you from A – Z.

There is no need for you to be an expert in the software industry & its services, all you need to know are the software services you want, what goal you are set out to accomplish by utilizing them, some of our clients had technical consultants of their own to help guide them through the process of development but we consider it our mission to advise you correctly and only proceed in actions that we deem are beneficial for both Terkwaz Business Solutions, and more importantly, you and your business.

The quality of our software products is determined by how agile our team is. Regular testing, consistent communication between all team members and detailed reporting on the work progress help us keep track of the progress and remain aligned and working toward the same goal. Rest assured we deliver quality software services beyond your expectations.

As we mentioned earlier we consider our agile team and Jira as our main tools that help us correctly accomplish software development tasks as quickly as possible and avoid any delays, all our clients remain up to date with the tasks progress and have access to live reporting. We also enumerate every detail of the hours spent on every software project using Timely and other time & project management tools.

As a matter of fact, the higher degree of your involvement in your software development project, the happier we would be. Terkwaz’s main pillars are clear communication & client satisfaction and by maintaining consistent contact we ensure that we are delivering the software product you have in mind. We openly invite you to move along with us in every stage of your product’s lifecycle, and are all ears to hear your notes, suggestions, and modification if needed.

We do completely support the idea of having your own in-house developing team, we consider it a key element for the sustainable success of any business which requires the existence of skillful software engineers all the way long. But we need to draw your attention to how much it could cost you to keep such an in-house development team, and how long it will take to find the suitable candidates. At Terkwaz, we promise a hassle-free process of software project development, we offer customized software solutions created by providing our team with access to top-notch tech. And, keep in mind that some of our most fruitful relationships are with clients whom have their own tech companies and in-house team and by combining our forces with them, we are unstoppable.

We wait for your respected feedback, we do also advise you on the steps to follow according to what your business software development needs. We can also offer you maintenance services, and tech support. All the data will be with you to have overall control over everything, and you can contact us any time to get the needed assistance.

As we have highlighted earlier, we follow the agile methodology, which gives you the chance to test out the product while we add one feature after another. Rest assured you will test the new software in no time throughout this process of creation!

It is our main responsibility to develop your software with the latest & greatest in the software technologies in the industry, and it is always a pleasure for us to upgrade and add refining touches to your software product. If you are wondering if you can add more features to your software product then the answer is also, of course, yes. After delivery, we can figure out together if you would like your product to go into phase 2 of software development and enrich your product.

After a full-analysis of the project we set the price according to these factors: Time that would be spent on the software service, the complexity and number of software development requirements, and the resources that would be utilized and needed to work on your project. No two software development projects are the same and every software project will go through a number of sprints of its own, so setting a one price for all would be unfair.

Terkwaz Business Solutions has more than 5 years of experience in delivering software solutions for many industries and for companies of all sizes, small & big, in Jordan, MENA, and US.

We can divide the technologies used in Terkwaz into:-

Back-End: node, .NET, C#, PHP, Java, Scala.

Front-End: HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, Type Script, react, angular.

Mobile-Sack: Android, Swift, objective c, react native.

Platforms: Drupal, WordPress, HubSpot, Salesforce, PowerBI.

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