Terkwaz's History & Vision

At Terkwaz Business Solutions, we offer a wide range of services in the fields of technology consultation, UI UX design, mobile and web app development, software testing, and smart solutions to help companies, organizations and service providers understand their organizations’ needs and their customer’s requirements and aspirations.

What enable them to compete in what we called “The Age Of The Customers”. This helps them stay at the top of the pyramid. From the start to finish of every project we undertake, Innovare applies the knowledge gained from years of experience working with development projects of all sizes in a range of industries.

The Methodology Of Work

delivery on time
Project Analysis & ideation

Terkwaz Business Solutions working mantra has always been cemented around client satisfaction and software quality. Over two decades of experience in software developing and stability as a trusted software development company has taught us many things about the customer’s initial business needs.

Managing Diverse workforce

Terkwaz Business Solutions focuses on hiring people with different backgrounds, yet ones aligned with the core value to maintain this intrinsic collaboration whether its across departments or borders.

goal oriented

The result of successful software planning is, without doubt, clearly shown in the process of implementation. This is the main indicator of the success of the ideation & planning phases.

Project Feedback & Review

After finalizing the implementation of the software project. the most important phase comes with the reviews & evaluation of the final software development outcome. It is important to know what to avoid and if there is anything to modify for a better performance of the product.

Clear documentation of business agreements

Long-term Software Partnerships For On-going Growth

Building solid relationships

Establishing smooth & honest communication with our clients in what ensures a true and ideal software development partnership. This, in return, could be along term relationship of cooperation, and referrals to other potential clients.

Extreme Cost Efficiency

We locate methods that guide our resources and help them excel in software development. It is all about making the best out of what you have, and identifying potential opportunities for cost effectiveness.

Distribution of Knowledge & Efforts

We make sure employees share their ideas and software experiences openly and believe in their software development skills. This could easily increase our products success rates, especially when brainstorming multiple innovative ideas.

Software Solutions for Companies of All Sizes

Large enterprises & Megacorp

Providing enterprise software solutions to help companies automate complicated processes, that could take days, and to assess the company’s overall growth by offering the support needed for the enterprises in their operational systems.

Small & medium-sized enterprises

Terkwaz Business Solutions offers software development solution to companies with less than 250 employees, giving them the needed resources for a quick and steady growth in no time.

Start-up Businesses

Terkwaz Business Solutions offers small companies & start-ups customized affordable software solutions services, tailored to serve their need.

Terkwaz also provides them with technological consultations to make their business up & running with the best technologies, and enable them to have a one of the top places in the market.

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