Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Our mobile application developers focus on understanding your users’ needs, validating hypotheses quickly, reducing risks, and continually improving our processes to ensure a highly efficient and fluid product development life cycle based on the Agile methodology.

Top Mobile APP Development Company

Terkwaz Business Solutions offers businesses multiple mobile app development services Including: IOS APPs Development Services, Android APPs Development Services, and Third Party integrations Services. This all happens while following & maintaining mobile app development best practices!

IOS Apps Development Service

Terkwaz Business Solutions crafts software applications for iPhone and iPad targeting the latest available Software Development Kits and the standard human-computer interaction guidelines

Android Apps Development Service

Our software development team helps you develop native Android apps for Smartphones and Tablets by tailored-made user interfaces or the default material components.

Third-Party Integrations Service

Terkwaz Business Solutions provides expert API integration services for 3rd party software, drivers, web services, and SDKs. Over the years, we took a shot at various Software Outsourced Third-Party API Integration Services for our clients.

Engaging Mobile Apps

At Terkwaz busisness Solutions, you provide your external and internal users sleek, productive, and easy-to-use mobile solutions, and they pay you back with loyalty and engagement.

API Development

We, at Terkwaz Business Solutions, provide robust & secure API development services with results tailored for startups and mature organizations. We’ve been constantly developing APIs for mobile & web applications.

Our Process of Services

It revolves around all stages of taking a mobile app development idea and turning it from a mere concept, to a ready-to-be-sold-in-the-market application, with market research, competitors analysis, & roadmaps, and solutions. It is a process of collaboration between different teams to bring together the plan for the product, communicate the necessary information, and supervise the product development progress.







What Differentiates Us?

Terkwaz Business Solutions shapes its clients mere thoughts to become tangible software products ready for the market, consistently sharing with them, starting with the market research & needs, turning concepts to designs, and reaching the final ready to be sold products.

We strive to add more value to customers, by offering top mobile app development services.

We work on always collaborating between developing teams and collectively putting in the effort to achieve high-quality mobile apps.

We settle for nothing less than the work of professionals with the needed software development skills.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

Terkwaz business solutions offers top-notch mobile app development services for many clients which widen its customers reach to many prospect customers on mobile devices and this shapes their future landscape of how they use technology. We welcome all your questions about developing mobile apps for IOS & Android devices. Find the answers for the most common ones below.

It is the process of building a mobile application from pure theory to a real, rechargeable product. It begins with conducting market research and analyzing software products values and requirements, and continues through to developing mobile apps and building the product while gathering user feedback and maintaining it.

Follow these steps to develop a mobile application:

  1. Conduct market research.

  2. Elicit requirements.

  3. Analyze requirements for the App and validate the product’s concept.

  4. Create prototypes and mockups for the APP.

  5. Build the product’s roadmap.

  6. Create the product’s designs.

  7. Develop the product’s MVP.

  8. Release the MVP to users and gather feedback.

  9. Conduct more iterations based on product goal and feedback.

  10. Maintain product along the way.

This will be based on the product requirements Scope, time, and needed resources. After the requirements analysis, an estimated timeline and budget shall be provided.

RPD is the process of developing products at the expense of less time & money, using already developed products and customizing them to fulfill the new requirements of the needed product.

A tailored software product is the key element to ensure smooth integration with the applications used in an enterprise. It helps automate the most complicated processes, and eliminate time consuming steps. It is also the best option for your business speaking budget-wise, in the future. 

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