Our Story

Our Story

Top Software Development Company

At Terkwaz Business Solutions, we offer multiple catered services according to our clients needs ranging from: technology consultation, mobile and web app developmentsoftware testing, UI UX design, and more in the field of consulting and smart solutions.

 This help companies, enterprises and service providers understand their organizations’ software needs & meet their customer’s requirements to compete persistently in the market. 

What Differentiate Us?

Less Time to Deliver

At Terkwaz Business Solutions, we commit to delivering effective software products while reducing the delivery time. Our team consists of experienced software engineers who are employed on a full-time basis. Furthermore, they are experienced in all stages of the software development life cycle process.

Better User Experience

At Terkwaz Business Solutions, we help our clients create more suitable user experiences with a full range of UX activities: UI Designs, Usability Studies, Customer Research, Design Workshops and UX Strategies. We improve your customer experience, thus, increasing satisfaction.

Quality Management

At Terkwaz Business Solutions, our QA Team will deliver high quality software products to you by following Quality Manufacturing Processes.

Software services with high quality

Innovation in Design

At Terkwaz Business Solutions, we approach each software development project with a fresh and broad perspective. We are constantly up-to-date with the latest manufacturing techniques, and always seek to find better ways of making products more efficient and less expensive than you would expect.

Customer Assistance

At Terkwaz Business Solutions our support team is working 24/7, they are there to assist you on the spot! You can also check out our FAQs. Perhaps you will find more thorough answers to your questions regarding our work process there.

Leading Edge Technology

At Terkwaz Business Solutions, we are following the latest technology to provide our clients the desired software services. We strive to exceed the client’s expectations.

History of Terkwaz

  • 3+ Resources
  • 6+ Projects delivered
  • 5+ Satisfied Partner
  • 0 Global Presence
  • 10,200+ Completed working hours
  • 18k+ line of quality code
  • 6+ Resources
  • 10+ Projects delivered
  • 9+ Satisfied Partner
  • 2+ Global Presence
  • 13,440+ Completed working hours
  • 30k+ line of quality code
  • 14+ Resources
  • 15+ Projects delivered
  • 18+ Satisfied Partner
  • 5+ Global Presence
  • 28,800+ Completed working hours
  • 70k+ line of quality code
  • 21+ Resources
  • 30+ Projects delivered
  • 30+ Satisfied Partner
  • 8+ Global Presence
  • 42,240+ Completed working hours
  • 120k+ line of quality code
  • 35+ Resources
  • 45+ Projects delivered
  • 49+ Satisfied Partner
  • 10+ Global Presence
  • 79,000+ Completed working hours
  • 200k+ line of quality code
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