Software Outsourcing Services

Software Outsourcing Services

Thanks to technology, our belief in the importance of communication & collaboration of efforts and competencies has been strengthened. Our team of developers see cooperating and maintaining core ethics at work from honesty, time management, the shareability of knowledge, and constant constructive feedback as an essence of making dreams a reality even if our team is not in one place or one office. Reciprocal trust & high level of experience have always been our key elements in every successfully implemented project.

How Can We Help?

Say farewell to the hassle of hiring and researching. With the right software outsourcing company, it is totally doable when it is done correctly & we will show you how!

Mobile App Development

It is unequivocal that mobile apps are booming nowadays with the unprecedented widespread of handheld devices. With numerous usages from entertainment to business, having the right developers is a game-changer on your app development journey to make it celebrated by each & every user.

Devops & Infrastructure

Only top skillful software engineers could manage outsourcing DevOps with omniscient knowledge of the best practices, testing methodologies, infrastructure configuration, and long-lasting integration and control.

Back-end Development

Literally the main reason behind every success story of a website or a mobile application. Our team of experts knows what it takes to supervise data & server-side programming, providing the most reliable solution for your business to stand out for years & years to come!

Front-end Development

Making your website appealing to your visitors is undoable without an expert front-end developer who takes care of visuals & data presentation, and makes sure you provide a dynamic & interactive user experience.

Software Testing

Outsourcing your software testing saves you the burdensome & excessive expenses of in-house testing processes. Using a third party to assure the quality of your software product could really up your game & makes sure you have the exact product requirements.

CMS Development

More than 30% of the world wide web operates on WordPress from online stores to blogging and more… Our team of experts in the PHP & MYSQL database shall ensure smooth and easy management for your CMS.

UI / UX Design

Our design professionals use top-notch technology to make the mere thoughts ready to use products. With absolute dedication to provide highly responsive cross-platform websites & mobile apps that have an appealing interface & smooth navigation.

Business Analysis

Having a clear vision about your business goal from the beginning, helps you save time & avoid any unnecessary rework. A resourceful way to achieve this is through a thorough business analysis from our team of experts.

Backend development services

Product Management as a Service

Terkwaz provides a dedicated team to handle the development of your new product, working on the strategy for the product, planning all the details out, verifying, setting expectations, pricing, and deciding product launching phase, and the best way to market for it.

Project Management as a Service

We offer PMaaS to allow our clients to have deeper insights into their projects. According to our clients’ needs they get to scale up or down the number of consultants to meet their project requirements.

Software services planning

Our Process of Services

Terkwaz is a leading software outsourcing solutions provider that follows the best practices to ensure delivering top-notch software products on time & with unmatched quality services! Take a look at the approach we follow to provide the exact product our clients have in minds & most of the time we proudly go beyond the expected results:

Crafting SLA

Assigning Team & Handing over


Reporting & Account Managers

Mentoring Performance

What Differentiates Us?

Cut down on expenses & reduce time, effort, and say farewell to the hassle of hiring and researching with the right software outsourcing company. It is totally doable when it is done correctly & Terkwaz will show you how!

We communicate

Terkwaz establishes clear lines of contact with their clients. We understand how tough it is to carry out consistent face to face meetings, so Terkwaz puts the time & effort to agree on a crystal clear vision with their clients leaving no room for misinterpretation.

We do Agile

Adopting the Agile methodology, through the use of confluence and Jira, in our software outsourcing services, made us more open to challenges, ready to adapt to any change that may occur along the process of building the product, and all ears to receiving constant feedback from Terkwaz’s clients, and respond back with actions in no time.


Hands-on generous domains

Terkwaz has taken on multiple projects in a variety of domains; Education - Transportation - Travel - Software - Finance - Health Care - E-commerce - Governmental Organizations - and more.

We have been coding for decades

Several years in the software engineering field demanded our team at Terkwaz to not only build products but also innovate & establish future landscapes for our clients' businesses. Terkwaz builds apps, websites, and more which Terkwaz’s clients celebrate and beam with pride for owning.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Work

AZTravel’s main vision from day one has been to help craft & curate the best travel plans for travel seekers, or as its name indicated, guide its users from A to Z throughout their journey. How is this application’s experience…
Hemma educational platform
Developing software that provides true value to its users is what we are all about which is why we are proudly introducing the online interface for Balbaid Educational Series. It is a well-known Saudi private learning…

Frequently Asked Questions

Terkwaz offers their services to a myriad of clients which shapes their future landscape of how they use technology. We welcome all your questions if that helps you learn more about why we are the right choice for you. Find your answers below.

Companies such as Microsoft are still making use of outsourcing services, so we do not believe that your company can ever be too big for outsourcing services. Meanwhile, if you have a start up and want to create some projects of your own but you want to avoid the responsibility of hiring multiple full-time employees, then you could also benefit greatly of outsourcing services.

If you are short on staff but cannot commit to hiring in-house team to work on a specific project, we could provide you with resources starting from project managers all the way to a development team and QA tester.

If you wish to extent your current team of developers with additional resources then hiring a few outsourced developers for a period of time is the most efficient way to go. This is called Staff Augmentation model, it means that the hiring company is the one managing the work of the of any6 additional team members even when they are working remotely or offsite.

If you have existing applications that need maintaining while trying to free your team to focus on building new projects or more important business activities then you can outsource software support.

When you request outsourcing services, you outsource the title not the specific person, therefore, yes you can choose to change the personnel working on your project as long as the services being provided are the ones agreed upon in the contracting stage.

You will guarantee that your data will be secure since Terkwaz will surely provide you with Outsourcing services upon the signing of an NDA.

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