UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

We work indefatigably to build exceptional, simple yet elegant UI UX designs for Websites, Mobile APPs & Tablet Applications. Being one of the most recognizable software development companies with a multinational skilled team; we create attractive user interfaces combined with & based on a smooth user experience.

Top UI UX Design Company

Terkwaz Business Solutions offers the best UI UX design services for numerous businesses in MENA & the US, based on a thorough and deep analysis of web & app users needs, and according to the domain and end-user expectations of the developed design to have a smooth and flawless user experience whether on the mobile app or the website.

User Research & Synthesis service

We carefully analyze your business environment and current industry trends to be able to design a UI UX software product with a competitive advantage.

Wireframing & Prototyping design services

Terkwaz Business Solutions has  vast experience working with various targeted audience analyzing their behavior, usage preferences and user logic. 

Usability Testing & Synthesis services

We create elegance & beauty software designs, as we observe and analyze how users interact with our designs to see what works & what needs enhancements.

Visual Design services

Terkwaz Business Solutions creates simple, elegant, flexible and an all around pleasant experience for the users of mobile apps & website users. 

Our Process of Services

It is all about the creation of  stunning user interface for software products which offer a meaningful & smooth experience to the users. Providing them with easy-navigated websites and highly oriented & customized features to meet their needs and accomplish a better user experience. It covers a range of aspects including the software designs, branding, functionality & usability testing.

These are backstage stories which begin with the process of creating the product design, and before making it handy to the customers.


Customer Journey Map


User Flow



Usability Report

Analytics report

What Differentiates Us?

Because in Terkwaz Business Solutions we believe in the importance of UI/UX designs, and how they could make or break your customer interaction with your products & services. It is easy to build impregnable connections depending on both.

Our design team keeps in mind delivering relevant & meaningful products to the consumer.

We focus on creating tailored user experiences, reducing obstacles, and building a unique brand personality.

We make their interactions with the product as smooth as it gets with a user-centered UI design that is easy to use & brings pleasure.

Our team uses top-notch UI software & tools including Figma, Sketch, Adobe, Axure, and more.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

Terkwaz Business Solutions offers its UI UX design services to numerous clients which shape their future landscape of how they utilize technology in their business. We tried to answer some of your most common question around the services of UI and UX Designs! 

The UI designer is just one part of the puzzle, he is the person interested in adhering to perfect typography fundamentals, white spaces or negative spaces all to give the user interface design the structure between elements. They are passionate about colors, ensuring the appropriate contrast for usability & readability. They take care of the icons, and illustration designs & It is their responsibility to make sure the user interface is optimized in all different devices.

UX Design is a process that has many parts. Starting with:

  • Research: the designer user surveys or interviews to identify the software design requirements. Working on the user personas; a typical user with specific goals, and frustrations. Also trying out different case scenarios, how the website will be used with each & every one of them.

  • Brainstorming: the UX designer creates user flows & diagrams that explain the steps a user may follow during his experience on a website. In addition to creating wireframes that are a rough skeleton representation of the UI.

  • Implementation: the UI UX designers would come into facts, create prototypes; they could be low or high fidelity prototypes, they may also be interactive. Once they are approved they’d be turned into working products.

  • Reporting: once the implementation is done, we have the usability reporting, this involves real users observation as they use the product over a variety of means, with split testing for the effectiveness of one design iteration over another and data analytics reporting to grasp more insights such as time spent on pages, bounce rate, traffic source, and more.

To sum up UI/UX designs is a sequential practice, that doesn’t end with reporting instead it looks for areas in need of improvement in the overall user experience of the web or app.

A matter of fact both are indispensable. As UX a designer sees things from a user’s side, while the UI designer focuses on providing a creative design which at the end offers a better UX.

For the User Experience (UX) service, it revolves around user’s interaction with a website, and the services offered, ensuring the best experience is provided based on previous research & analysis.

The User Interface (UI) service is more about a specific element and how the user interacts with it. To put more clearly, this asset could be the colors or the typography used on the website.

Some of the best tools used for UI designs: Sketch, InVision Studio, Axure, Axure, Proto.io, Adobe XD, Adobe XD, and Figma.

Some of the best tools used for UX designs: Wireframe.cc, Optimal Workshop, Treejack, Visual Sitemaps, Balsamiq, and FlowMap.

There are some significant aspects to consider when deciding which features are more suitable to be added:

  1. How relevant is this feature to users?

  2. What is the impact of this feature on the market?

  3. How friendly is the feature to users?

  4. Does it make users’ lives easier?

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